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Hardest working, most reliable heavy equipment on the planet.

Al-Qantara, LLC. offers a wide range of attachments for our construction equipment. Please call us to find out what construction attachments we have available. Whether you’re constructing multi-floor office buildings, erecting offshore oil rigs or laying asphalt, Al-Qantara, LLC. Equipment has the cranes, excavators, dozers, graders and backhoe loaders you need. If it involves digging, lifting, transporting materials or demolition, Scott is ready to help.

Al-Qantara, LLC. goal is to go beyond meeting your equipment needs and make your business more successful. We are continually striving to improve our quality and service, grow our dealer network and expand our product lines. We know that our success depends on yours, so we do everything we can to help you move ahead.

We Believe in Innovation

Our fleet consists of latest and reliable heavy duty construction machines and equipment. It is the innovation that we focus on to provide trustworthy and zero error services to our customers.

Hardest working, most reliable heavy equipment on the planet. When you choose Al-Qantara, you'll have the backing of a strong, and reliable organization – with benefits that extend far beyond the capabilities of a new machine.

We have focused on delivering value to customers, employees, and the public by offering high-quality products and services, providing a work environment full of opportunities, releasing financial reports to meet investor expectations, and exerting our own influence to help those in need.

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